Paediatric Upright Stander

Pediatric standers assist children with limited mobility by supporting kids who are
unable to maintain an upright position on their own. 

Designs have not changed substantially in decades with a complex adjustable steel
framework the dominant presentation. Stand has been designed specifically from a user centred perspective with a form, material choice and finish that are designed to encourage use and reduce stigmatisation for both child and parents without compromising functionality.

Drawing upon a user centred perspective and using more accessible and contemporary
design cues Stand aims to produce a fully adjustable, functional stander that does not
carry the clinical, heavy and isolating emotional content of current designs.

The product can be easily set up and adjusted for use and secures the child safely in
natural, easily cleaned materials. A work tray and other accessories are easily attached
whilst different base options encourage walking or upright stance and play. 

Stands modular design it can grow and adjust with the child throughout its life.
A strong user centred approach is key to producing a Stander unit that provides
modularity, growth and adjustability with a design that is specifically designed with the
user and their family in mind and to reduce isolation and stigmatisation.

IDEA 2022 Finalist 
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