Brace Pack

Brace packaging accompanies Brace, a new innovation for R&D Surgical Ltd that provides a more comfortable, sympathetic approach to the treatment of Pectus Carinatum (typically known as pigeon chest). Rather than merely serving to safeguard and deliver the product, Brace’s packaging is designed to play a functional role in its application by supporting a step-by-step user-centered patient journey to ensure a convenient setup. 

The packaging’s aesthetic deliberately reflects contemporary consumer products through the use of 100% recyclable paper pulp and a clean, simple print design. In doing so it is deliberately intended to echo the high-quality, responsible and innovative nature of the Brace unit itself.

Beyond the packaging the device’s fundamental offer to deliver a clinical service to patients in their own home stretches its benefits to include a reduction of journey volumes and energy use throughout the treatment process.

Green Good Design Award 2023
PDR 2023

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