Hydroxyl - PersonalĀ Air
Airborne contaminations both from pathogens and pollution are of rising concern. Clean, pure air is especially important for people with preconditions such asthma and respiratory conditions, who often feel isolated and unable to travel.
Aura uses revolutionary patented technology to generate Hydroxyl radicals that create a cloud of clean, sterile air in front of a users face. Hydroxyls are a natural atmospheric cleaning agent that destroy all types of pollutant and pathogen, including airborne Covid-19 virus on contact to create safe air and surfaces.
The Hydroxyl technology is established in larger format structures and has been tested and approved by a number of leading Universities as well as Public Health England, the Health and Safety Executive and the FDA. It was recognised that miniaturising the technology to a point that allowed mobile, personal use could have significant benefits. This has become particularly significant since the advent of Covid-19 and the increased awareness of airborne pathogens and the increased risks associated with leaving the home.

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