Lucozade Drivers bottle

In 2011 Lucozade entered into a 5 year performance partnership with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team, supplying the 2 drivers and the team with a range of Lucozade products that will play an integral role in their preparation, performance and recovery. As part of the partnership, Lucozade seized the opportunity to design a unique drinks bottle for the team and commission DCA for the task.

The new drinks bottle incorporates an elastomeric skin whose function is to improve grip both in the hand and when placed on the car, whilst the taut pattern of perforations in the skin conveys the vitality and dynamism of the brand.  The driver’s bottle is finished off by a drinking straw with a silicon valve which can be clipped to the side of the bottle for spill free fluid delivery, on demand.
Designed whilst I was a Senior Industrial Designer at DCA International 
Images © DCA Design International Ltd 2012
Images ©DCA Design International Ltd 2012

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